Monday, June 7, 2010

spinach + artichoke cream soup

so i took upon myself today to make spinach and artichoke cream soup, it's real simple. all it is, is chicken stock, milk, garlic, salt + pepper, onion, artichoke hearts (marinated) and lots of spinach. boil the broth, throw in the spinach until wilted. blend until smooooth. here are the pics!

i'm just waiting for melanie to get home and be my food critic (sometimes she can be too critical lol)

Friday, June 4, 2010

it's been a while..

holy moly, where has time gone? it's june 4! and summer is well on it's way. it's been quite nice here in alberta, mid twenties, sunny, no clouds to be seen. love it. working night shifts now are crazy, it gets "dark" at midnight and it's totally daylight by the time 3:45am rolls around. really makes the graveyard shift more tollerble. it's been so long since i have written anything here in my humble blogspot. not much new in my life really.. work, work, work. but this set im taking a full 6 days off. im on day 2 and i dont know what to do with myself, melanie is off for the weekend so that will be nice to actually spend some time together. think we're gonna go to moxies tonight!!
been a while since i have been there and i can't stop thinking about 3-dip med bread, even though i am trying to eat healthy, i think they're a must!. myself and melanie are also going to see TOM PETTY in 12 days!!!. i have seen him before back in summer of '08 (the summer i met melanie!) but she have never seen him play live yet so she is in for quite the good time, im excited for her! lol. anyways, that's about all for now. have a greeeeat weekend! j.n.w

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

summer is here!.. i think?

it's april 20th and for the past couple days it's been mid 20's here in alberta!! nobody loves summer like i do. but i'm not packing away my winter clothes just yet. 2 years ago, in the first week of may, alberta got hit with like 40cm of snow!! it was crazy, not to mention crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, whatever so that doesn't happen again. myself and melanie have been crazy busy the past couple weeks. we're in this whole transition period where we're selling our condo and moving into a new apartment all while deciding on a new move!!! we both want to move into the city (edmonton) but again, it's all in the air yet. for now, we're just settling in here and enjoying the summer :)
until next time..

Friday, April 9, 2010

gotta love canada 'eh'?

YIKES!.. literally 15 hours ago, i was wearing a t-shirt, sunglasses, and having a bbq, not a blade of snow in sight. this morning i wake up to a good old fashion canadian blizzard. it's gross outside. only in canada can you experience all 4 seasons in 24 hours. i go back to work tomorrow for 3 days, 3 nights (maybe more) so i'll pretty much be non-existant for 6 days. 13 hour work days (plus the 3 hours spent commuting to and from work) leaves me no extra time for anything!. i think i'm going to get out of town for a break on my days off though, maybe go to edmonton to see some friends, cameron :) (my almost a year old nephew), and of course, shopping. well that's all for now folks. gonna go make something in my tassimo :D
be back in 6 days!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

new love

my newest love! tassimo. such a great little invention, just pop in a "t-disc", press start and there ya go! fresh coffee, capp, latte, espresso.. whatever! all within 3 mins. if you don't already have one of these babies sitting on your counter. go buy one. now!

Monday, April 5, 2010

pork chile verde

in 4 hours myself and melanie will be sitting down to a great tasting slowcooker meal made by the one and only ME!. well i'm hoping that's how it's going to end. I been reading men's health magazines for some time now and the recipes in them are usually really really crazy and confusing or just plain blahh. i came across what seemed to be a good recipe in the march issue. pork chile verde - slow cooker meal. i'm not going to name out all the ingredients, ect. but you can find it here:

wish me luck!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

favorite songs on the record right now..

music is like fashion.. it comes, it goes, it gets put on the back burner, it gets put on the front burner.. and you fall in love with that same song all over again. i've recently been working.. a lot!. at work, i have my own truck and its got satellite radio so i hear a song and i instantly fall for it. some new songs i have heard lately are "bump" by rehab, "on call" by kings of leon, and a really old song that i used to love but kind of forgot.. "blown wide open" by big wreck. anddd, you can throw "heads will roll" in there too by the yeah yeah yeahs. that's my little somethin' somethin' to write today. if any of those songs are not on your ipod, discman, or walkman haha download it NOW. btw.. i'm drinking rickard's while writing this post so excuse any spelling errors or if this makes no sense whatsoever.